Can You Skateboard In The Rain? – Do’s and Don’ts

The world is full of crazy skateboarders who love to skateboard all the time. If you are among them, then you surely want to know, ‘can I skateboard in the rain?’. Rain can make it difficult for you to ride your skateboard outside. 

We can not control the weather, so skateboarding in rain is not a great idea. During the rain, there is mud on the road, so it will be difficult for you to keep your balance. In this post, I will explain ‘Can You Ride Skateboard In The Rain.’

Why Should You Not Skateboard In The Rain?

Water is the enemy of all skateboards. It can ruin your bearings, rust your deck and make your wheels crave a shower. You should not skateboard while it is raining because of the following reasons:

Bearings Get Rusted 

A lot of bearings get rusty when they are submerged in water. They will fail to hold your wheels and deck together when they rust. It means you have to replace your bearings sooner rather than later.

Deck Becomes Waterlogged 

When you skateboard in the rain, your deck becomes waterlogged. The water inside the deck helps prevent it from drying out, but this process is slow and can take a long time. Waterlogged decks will be worn faster because they have to carry more weight and stress than they can handle. So, ride in the rain at the cost of a new skateboard.

Grip Tape Will Lose Its Adhesive Property 

Grip tape does not hold up well when it gets wet, so when it is raining, you are skating around on your board. Expect the grip tape to lose its adhesive property and start peeling off your skateboard’s deck. It can leave your hands with no way of gripping onto the deck and cause you to fall off while riding.

Wheels Start Cracking 

Wheels determine how fast you can go on your skateboard. So, when you ride your skateboard on a rainy day its wheels tend to crack as they are made up of materials non-resistive to water. After using your board while it is raining you will notice that your skateboard wheels are not effective as they were before.

is it bad to skate in the rain

Can Skateboards Get Wet?

Skateboards are made of high-quality materials that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. However, they can become damaged if used in wet conditions or exposed to the elements. You may be wondering if skateboards can get damp and still function correctly. The answer is yes, but there are some precautions you should take when riding on your board in bad weather.

Check Your Skateboard for Dryness

Remember that water damage can occur not only from exposure to rain or snow but also from other sources, such as puddles on the ground or even a pool of water left by a sprinkler system. To ensure no moisture gets into the wheel bearings, ensure that none of these areas are wet before you ride again.

Check the condition of your skateboard before taking it out for the ride. After exposing it to water, make sure it is scorched before reusing it. Let the deck or wheels dry out if any moisture remains on them.  

Use a Wet/Dry Clamp

If you have a wet skateboard, then it can be ruined. These lamps can lock onto wet and dry surfaces and allow you to attach your board to different surfaces. As they are lightweight, they will not weigh down your board. It will help ensure that your board lasts longer without getting damaged when it gets wet.

If you are riding out at an outdoor location or park with multiple surfaces, use a clamp to attach your skateboard to different surfaces. You can use these clamps when you get home to keep your board safe during storage or while transporting it around the house or garage. When it is time to ride again, you have options.

How Much Water Does It Take To Waterlog A Skateboard? 

The amount of water needed to waterlog a skateboard depends on the type of skateboard and how much pressure it is under. Just 1-2 inches of water can damage a soft plastic deck, while 4 inches of water can damage a hard plastic deck. A fiberglass deck is made from resin, making it highly resistant to water damage and will not absorb any moisture.

The skateboard will likely be damaged if you are using a soft plastic skateboard and have been riding in the rain or salty conditions. If you have been using your skateboard in high humidity conditions, you may also need to replace your deck.

Alternative Options For Skateboarding In A Rainy Day 

As the weather gets colder and wetter, you may look for an alternative option to skateboarding on a rainy day. Some alternatives are as follows: 

Practice on a Carpet 

If you do not have any carpeting in your house, you can use an old carpet or rug to practice on. This way, you will not be able to see any damage that might occur from using the carpet for skating. You can also get some carpeting from a local thrift store, so you can practice without damaging anything else in your home.

Indoor Skateparks 

Indoor skating parks are also great ways to get out and skate when it rains outside. They are great places to go if you live in areas with frequent rain, like Seattle or Portland, Oregon. Many parks in these areas offer skateboarding and inline skating options during inclement weather conditions.

Abandoned Buildings 

These buildings are a great option for skateboarding on a rainy day. You can easily find abandoned buildings all over the city. You can also search for other old buildings that are abandoned and have been left unattended for a long time. No security or surveillance will be, so you can easily ride on your skateboard.

Parking Garages 

Parking garages are a good place to go when it rains. You can ride on the ramps and rails at the parking garage and have fun. You will also be able to enjoy some of the views from above while you are skating on the ramps.

Final Words 

Can You Skateboard In The Rain? You should not go out with your skateboard when it is raining. If you still want to skateboard in the rain, make sure you wear rainproof clothes and wear non-slippery shoes. Do not forget the weather forecast, so you will know when to stop your fun.

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