Henry Sanchez: A Former Professional Skateboarder

Henry Sanchez: A Professional Skateboarder

Introduction of Henry Sanchez:

Skateboarding has seen its fair share of influential figures throughout the years, but few have left a mark as indelible as Henry Sanchez, also known as The Terminator. Hailing from the vibrant skateboarding scene of San Francisco Bay, California, Henry’s technical prowess and innovative approach redefined what was possible on a skateboard.

From his early days at Embarcadero Plaza to his recent resurgence, Henry Sanchez’s journey is nothing short of legendary.

A Trailblazing Career:

Henry Sanchez’s skateboarding career spanned two decades, leaving an indelible imprint on the sport.

His breakthrough came in 1992 with his unforgettable part in Blind Skateboards’ “Tim and Henry’s Pack of Lies,” alongside skateboarding icons such as Tim Gavin, Rudy Johnson, Brian Lotti, and Guy Mariano. This groundbreaking video part served as a catalyst for the evolution of modern street skating, forever changing the landscape of the sport.

San Francisco’s Skateboarding Revolutionary: Henry Sanchez, along with the likes of Mike Carroll and many others, played a pivotal role in the progression of skateboarding at San Francisco’s iconic Embarcadero Plaza.

During this innovative era, Sanchez’s unmatched power and technical abilities set a new standard for skateboarders worldwide. Notably, he became the first person to flip out of a ledge trick, demonstrating his visionary approach to the sport.

Beyond Skateboarding:

While Henry Sanchez eventually retired from professional skateboarding, his passion for creativity and entrepreneurship never waned. After hanging up his board, he briefly ventured into the world of fashion, starting his own clothing company called Magik. However, a career shift brought him to the realm of hotrods and sheet metal fabrication, where his craftsmanship continues to shine.

A Resurgence and Reclamation: Following a period of relative obscurity. Henry Sanchez made a triumphant return to the skateboarding scene in recent years. His Instagram account began showcasing an increasing number of awe-inspiring skateboarding clips.

Each video displayed his unwavering determination and a newfound sense of power, reminiscent of his iconic performance in Transworld’s “Sight Unseen” a decade prior. Witnessing his resurgence has been nothing short of incredible, and fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his remarkable story.

Memorable Firsts:

Reflecting on his beginnings, Henry recalls the first time he witnessed skateboarding in his neighborhood—a simple setup on a milk crate. His initial attempt left him spraining an ankle, but the allure of landing tricks on concrete captivated him. His first skateboard, a Powell Ripper, served as his vehicle for exploring this newfound passion.

Noteworthy Achievements:

Throughout his career, Henry Sanchez achieved numerous milestones that forever impacted skateboarding. From his sponsorship by Spitfire and Thunder, which came about in a humorous and unexpected way, to his appearance on the cover of Thrasher magazine. Henry’s influence and skill were impossible to ignore.

Moreover, he played a crucial role in fostering unity within the skateboarding community. He is creating a safe haven for individuals to express themselves freely.


As Henry Sanchez continues to push his own limits and battle for new tricks. There is an undeniable sense of anticipation in the skateboarding world. With his dedication, perseverance, and passion for the sport, he serves as an inspiration for skateboarders of all generations. The legacy of Henry Sanchez, the goofy-footed pioneer from the San Francisco Bay, will forever be etched in skateboarding history.


Henry Sanchez’s impact on skateboarding cannot be overstated. His technical ability, boundary-pushing style, and unwavering commitment to the sport have solidified his place among skateboarding’s true legends.

From his groundbreaking video parts to his recent resurgence, Henry continues to inspire and captivate both old and new generations of skateboarders. As he forges ahead, we eagerly await the next chapter in the incredible journey of The Terminator.

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