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How To Tighten Skateboard Trucks [100% Working Method]

Skateboarding becomes a pleasant moment when you have sheer control over your skateboard. You can ride at a stable speed with the proper balance on the deck. You need to tighten skateboard trucks if you want to go down the hills, as it helps gain the momentum necessary for this task.

Wobbly skateboard wheels are always because of loose trucks that cause them to turn sharply on both sides. You can imagine what will happen if you perform downhill skating at high speeds with loose skateboards. If you are there to know how to tighten skateboard trucks, then stick with the reading.

What Do You Need To Tighten Skateboard Trucks?

You need the following equipment to tighten loose skateboard trucks: 

  • Wrench 
  • Screwdriver 
  • Measuring Scale 
  • Skate Tool Kit

How To Tighten Skateboard Trucks?

These steps will help you in tightening skateboard trucks: 

Flip The Skateboard Over 

Before doing anything, you need to flip the board over so that the trucks face upwards. Owing to its weight and size, it will be quite easy for you. For proper tightening, this step is crucial, and you should follow it before anything else.

Observe The Tilt In Trucks 

When you flip your board over, look at the trucks and observe how much they tilt towards each other when compared to each other. Use a ruler, level, or any measuring device to measure the tilt on each side of the truck. If there is a significant tilt on one side, adjust the nut until it matches up with the other side.

Turn The Nut Of Kingpin 

Turn the kingpin nuts in anti-clockwise until it is tight enough to hold your skateboard stable and steady. You can use any wrench or screwdriver, but most people prefer a wrench because it has a big head that is easier to grip. If you use a screwdriver, make sure you use a wide one. Use your hand and grip the nut firmly, so it does not slip out of place during this process.

Analyze And Adjust

After successfully tightening all of the nuts on your skateboard trucks, it is time to analyze and adjust your trucks. You must adjust your truck height by pushing down on them with your hand until they are at their proper height. Once they are at their right height, repeat this process again until they are all set at their proper height.

How To Adjust Skateboard Trucks?

These steps will help you adjust your skateboard trucks:

Step 1: Begin by removing the wheel from your board. You can carry it out by simply unscrewing the bolts that hold it in place. After that, you will need to remove the center caps as well.

Step 2: Loosen the axle bolts on each side of the truck. Pliers or a wrench can be handy for this purpose.

Step 3: Twist these bolts in opposite directions, facing each other, not you. It will allow you to easily remove them when you need to adjust your trucks.

Step 4: You will need some adjustable wrench (or pliers) next. Consider using a socket set in place of one if you do not have one. Adjusting these things is easy once you have an adjustable wrench or pliers handy.

Step 5: Tighten each axle bolt until it is snug but not tight enough to mess with. You will not want it too tight, so do not move at all, though. Just snug enough that they will not slip while skating around town. 

How Tight Should Skateboard Trucks Be?

We know that tight trucks can cause the wheels to pop off the truck and become unresponsive. So how tight should they be? Ideally, trucks should be half an inch loose from the axles on your wheels. It will give you enough clearance between the three wheels and the ground while allowing you to turn effortlessly.

Why Is My Skateboard Not Turning?

While riding your skateboard, if you notice that your skateboard is not taking turns, then it can be due to multiple reasons:

reasons why is your skateboard not turning

Why Does My Skateboard Turn On Its Own?

Some skateboards turn left, and some turn right, which is not a big deal until and unless it does not affect your riding experience. Following are the reason why your skateboard turns on its own:

reasons why your skateboard turn on its own

Tight vs Loose Trucks For Skateboard

Many people question whether we should go for tight or loose skateboard trucks because they do not know the difference between them. You can learn the strengths and weaknesses of both options for adjusting your skateboard trucks. 

If you tighten them, you can not turn by leaning either right or left. To turn, you must lift the front for turning. For beginners, it is fine to tighten skateboard trucks as it offers them the stability to ride without falling off. With tight trucks, they can go straight without losing their path. 

I like that loose skate trucks give you room to turn for the perfect skateboarding experience. They also allow you to put pressure on either side to turn that way without hindrance. You can also loosen up the trucks as much as possible because it is a personal choice. 

I feel much more comfortable with loose trucks when performing skateboard tricks. For street skating, I suggest you have loose trucks as they are easy to turn when a rock or crack is in front of you. Similarly, for downhill skateboarding, tight skateboard trucks are suitable.

Final Words 

If you are a skateboard enthusiast, you might be serious about your hobby. Loose skateboard trucks do not allow you to maneuver on the board. The looseness of the trucks could be because of two reasons: the bearings are broken or if you tighten them in the wrong way. Skateboarding enthusiasts who want to perform a downhill ride can withstand the urge if they only know how to tighten skateboard trucks correctly.

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