How to Use Electric Skateboard Remote Remote Guide

How to Use Electric Skateboard Remote: Remote Guide

In the world of skateboarding, there has been a notable revolution with the introduction of electric skateboards. Electric skateboards are a cool new type of skateboard that you can ride on just like a regular skateboard. But what makes them special is that they have a little motor and remote control. The remote control lets you control how fast or slow the skateboard goes.

It’s important to know how the remote control works, where you can get a new one if you need it, and how to stay safe while using it. So let’s take a closer look at electric skateboard remote controls and learn how to use them properly to have a fun and safe ride!

Does an electric skateboard have a remote?

Yes, an electric skateboard typically comes with a remote control for controlling its speed and other functions.

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What Is an Electric Skateboard Remote Control?

An electric skateboard remote control is a device that allows riders to control their electric skateboards. It serves as a link between the rider and the skateboard, enabling them to adjust the speed and apply brakes while riding. By holding the remote control, riders can confidently maneuver their electric skateboards with ease and safety.

How Do E-Skateboard Remotes Work?

Electric skateboard remotes consist of several key components that work together to operate the skateboard smoothly. These components include:

Processor: Inside the electric skateboard, there is a processor that acts as the control center. It connects the battery, motor, and the Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), which is responsible for regulating speed and acceleration.

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC): The ESC interprets the signals from the remote control and translates them into motor actions. It monitors the position of the throttle on the board and allows riders to accelerate, decelerate, and apply brakes through the remote control’s buttons or thumbwheel.

Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver: Both the remote control and the ESC have Bluetooth modules that enable wireless communication between them. These modules swiftly exchange information, ensuring real-time responsiveness. In some cases, the remote may also display useful data such as speed, distance, and battery levels.

What Are the Types of E-Skateboard Remote Controls?

There are primarily two types of electric skateboard remote controls:

Thumbwheel: The thumbwheel remote control is the most popular and widely used type. It features a wheel on top that riders slide forward to accelerate and pull back to decelerate or apply the brakes. This mechanism is intuitive and offers precise control, making it a common choice for electric skateboards.

Deadman Trigger: Some remote controls include a deadman trigger, which acts as a safety switch. To accelerate, riders need to pull the trigger with their index finger and then push with their thumb. This two-step process prevents accidental acceleration and provides an additional layer of safety. However, this type of remote control is usually found in more expensive electric skateboards due to its additional components.

By understanding the workings of electric skateboard remote controls and their different types, riders can confidently select and utilize the most suitable option for their needs, ensuring an enjoyable and safe riding experience.

How Can You Pair the Remote with the E-Skateboard?

Pairing the remote control with the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) of your electric skateboard is a crucial step to ensure proper communication and control. Here’s a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to pair the remote with the board’s ESC:

Ensure that both the remote control and the electric skateboard are fully charged and powered on.

Locate the pairing button or process on your specific remote control model. This button is usually found on the remote control itself or in a small compartment.

On the electric skateboard, locate the pairing button or port on the ESC. This button or port is typically located near the ESC or on the underside of the skateboard.

Press and hold the pairing button on the remote control until it enters pairing mode. This mode is indicated by a flashing light or a specific signal on the remote control.

While the remote control is in pairing mode, press and hold the pairing button on the ESC. This action initiates the pairing process between the remote control and the ESC.

Wait for a few moments while the remote control and the ESC establish a connection. This process may vary depending on the specific model and brand of your electric skateboard.

Once the remote control and the ESC are successfully paired, you should see a confirmation signal on the remote control, such as a solid light or a specific display message.

Test the connection by gently pressing the throttle or using the buttons on the remote control to ensure that the skateboard responds accordingly.

Note: It’s important to consult your electric skateboard’s user manual or take a look at their website for any specific pairing instructions or troubleshooting steps tailored to your particular model.

By following these steps, you can successfully pair the remote control with the ESC of your electric skateboard, allowing for precise control and an enjoyable riding experience.

What to Look for When Buying an E-Skateboard Remote?

When purchasing an e-skateboard remote, it’s important to consider several key factors:

Latency: Look for a remote with low latency, which refers to the delay between your input on the remote and the skateboard’s response. Lower latency ensures a more immediate and precise control experience, allowing you to have better control over your electric skateboard.

Ergonomic Design: Choose a remote control that has an ergonomic design, as it will enhance your comfort and control while riding. Look for features such as a comfortable grip, well-placed buttons, and a smooth thumbwheel. A well-designed remote will allow you to maintain a secure grip and easily access the controls, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

Durability: Ensure that the remote control is built to withstand the demands of skateboarding. Look for remotes made from durable materials that can withstand impact, water, and dust. Robust construction and quality components will help ensure the longevity of the remote control, allowing you to enjoy your e-skateboard for a longer time without worrying about frequent replacements.

Easy-to-Use Features: Look for a remote control with user-friendly features that make it easy for you to operate your electric skateboard. This can include clear and intuitive buttons, a responsive thumbwheel, and possibly additional features such as an LCD screen for displaying useful information like speed, battery levels, and distance traveled. Having an easy-to-use remote control will enhance your riding experience, allowing you to focus more on enjoying your ride and less on figuring out complicated controls.

Some e-skateboards have their own mobile app that you can use to connect your remote, the skateboard, and your phone. This app provides a detailed ride experience, allowing you to access additional features and information.

So, when choosing an e-skateboard remote, you can ensure that you find a remote control that suits your needs, enhances your riding experience, and provides reliable control over your electric skateboard.

Choosing & finding the Replacements

The remote control is like the heart of your electric skateboard. It’s what lets you control and ride the board. However, finding a replacement for your remote control can be a difficult task.

To find a replacement electric skateboard remote, you need to know the manufacturer of your board’s ESC. Each remote is only compatible with ESCs of the same brand. For example, if your e-board has an ESC made by LingYi, you must buy a remote specifically designed for LingYi ESCs. Third-party remote sellers may offer compatible options for different brands, but it’s important to ensure compatibility for proper pairing and connectivity.

Check with the skateboard manufacturer or authorized retailers. They are likely to offer official replacement options that are specifically designed for your skateboard model. Online marketplaces and specialized skateboarding stores may also carry compatible remote controls.

In summary, when seeking a replacement e-skateboard remote control, prioritize compatibility with your skateboard model and consider purchasing from authorized sources to ensure a suitable and reliable replacement.


In conclusion, the electric skateboard remote control is crucial for operating your e-board. It’s important to take care of it because finding a replacement can be challenging. However, if something happens to your remote, don’t worry! There are options available to get a new one. You can contact the manufacturer, check authorized retailers, or explore third-party sellers. So, while it’s important to value and maintain your current remote, rest assured that there are ways to find a replacement if needed, allowing you to get back to enjoying your electric skateboard.

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