How Much Weight Can A Skateboard Hold?

For many, buying a skateboard is an exciting moment because they are getting the gear to start their skateboarding journey. According to experience, before you look into other features of different skateboards to select your dream skateboard, you should try to figure out “How Much Weight Can A Skateboard Hold.” 

If you check the skateboard weight limit while shopping, you will ensure it will last longer. For example, if you purchase a skateboard with a 200 pounds weight limit, but your Weight is 220 pounds, then your board will get broken in no time like skateboarding in rain. In this post, I will reveal the max weight limit of skateboards, so keep reading.

How Much Weight Can A Skateboard Hold? 

A skateboard’s weight capacity depends upon the board’s size, the type of wheels and trucks used, and the specific design. A complete setup with an entire deck, wheels, and trucks should be able to support at least 100 pounds. The weight capacity of a skateboard varies widely. 

Some boards can hold up to 300 pounds, while others can only carry as much as 100 pounds. Some people even carry their boards in their backpacks. You should remember that not all skateboards are made equal, so you should always check the weight capacity before purchasing your board.

How Much Weight Does A Skateboard Hold In KG? 

Different types of skateboards are available in the market to fulfill the requirements of all sorts of riders. Interestingly, their weight holding limit varies due to the difference in shape, size, and building material. The following table will make you able to understand it:

Type Of Skateboard Length Of DeckWeight Holding Capacity (on average)
Standard Skateboard28″ to 32″275 lbs (125 KG)
Longboard32″ to 58″300 lbs (136 KG)
Electric SkateboardAround 38″330 lbs (150 KG)
Penny Board22″ to 27″192 lbs (87 KG)

Skateboard Weight Chart

Height3’4″3’4″ to 4’4″4’5″ to 5’2″5’3″ to 5’6″5’7″ and above
Deck Width (in inches)6.5 to 6.7577.37.5 to 7.67.7 to 10
Age (in years)5 or below8 or below9 to 1013Adult
Average Weight (in pounds)455963 to 89102 to 152195

Does Weight Affect Skateboarding?

In my skateboarding journey, I have found most skateboarders skinny. Yes, exceptions are always there. Weight matters in rolling and riding a skateboard. Heavy riders can easily gain momentum when going down the hill, which sometimes results in serious accidents. 

On the other hand, lightweight riders can accelerate faster but not attain the same momentum as their heavy counterparts during downhill riding. Its fine example is Danny Way, a professional skateboarder with many world records under his belt. He weighs 180 pounds, much more than an average skateboarder’s. 

According to the sources, he set the world record of a 79-meter jump on a skateboard ramp during the X games back in 2004. His modest Weight helps him acquire the momentum required for achieving this feat.

Why Should You Check The Weight Bearing Limit Of Skateboard Before You Buy It?

The Skateboard weight limit is labeled on almost every model on the market. You should not buy a skateboard with less weight-bearing capacity than your body weight. Mostly, people think the deck broke down when excessive Weight is put on it, but they are wrong.

An ordinary skateboard deck can easily handle the Weight of a 250 pounds rider and can not break until the applied force exceeds 9 psi per square inch of it. Let’s do some math to understand it: 

Size of a standard skateboard: 28 to 32 pounds 

Force to break skateboard: 9 psi per square inch of it. 

Total force required: 28 × 9 to 32 × 9 psi = 252 to 288 psi 

From this, it is clear that 252 to 288 psi force is necessary to break the deck. For example, if your Weight is 220 pounds, you will be able to apply 220 pounds / 1 square inch = 220 psi per square inch which is insufficient to break the Skateboard. However, it does not mean this much Weight can not damage other components of a skateboard. 

When buying a skateboard, you should strictly follow the weight-bearing capacity given by the manufacturer. I bet you definitely have seen some 32-inch skateboards with 220 pounds weight limit, which is a contradiction to the above, right? But actually, it is not the case because how much Weight a skateboard can hold also depends on the size and quality of skateboard trucks and wheels. 

Does Deck Width Determine The Skateboard Weight Limit?

Deck width is crucial in determining the weight limit of your Skateboard. The wider the deck, the heavier it will be in general. A wider deck offers more space between the wheels, which means less friction and less rolling resistance. 

Wider decks can easily handle more Weight without breaking down as they are heavier than narrower decks. When you add things like trucks, wheels, and bearings to your Skateboard, you can increase its overall Weight even more than a smaller model with an equivalent amount of components.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Skateboards Have A Weight Limit?

Yes. Skateboards can handle weights up to 200 pounds, as long as you are not over 250 pounds. There is little doubt that heavier weights could be supported, but there is no need to push the limits on these because an average skateboard costs a lot. It can vary from board to board. To carry a child or someone much heavier than yourself, check the manufacturer’s weight recommendations.

How Much Force Does It Take To Break A Skateboard?

A force of 4000 to 5000 N is enough to break the Skateboard. With jumping tricks, you can apply this much force on your Skateboard and cause it to break. A heavy person is much more likely to break the Skateboard than a lightweight person because of more Weight.

Do You Have To Be Skinny To Skateboard?

No, you do not have to be slim to skateboard. A heavy person can also skateboard, but performing tricks can be challenging for them due to their Weight. Skinny skateboarders can effortlessly carry out some hard tricks due to their foot positioning and body composition.

How Much Weight Does A 7-ply Skateboard Hold?

7-ply skateboards are durable due to their 7-play poplar wood capable of withstanding wear and tear. They can easily bear 180 to 220-pound riders without any mess. Again the deck size matters a lot regarding how much weight you can put on a 7-ply skateboard.

Final Words 

Skateboards are one of the most enjoyable things for teenagers and young people. From an investment point of view, you should always take a skateboard that can hold your Weight. Otherwise, you will lose your money if the weight capacity of the Skateboard is less than your body weight. 

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