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Best Skateparks In LA | For Both Beginners And Experts

Finding the right place to practice skateboarding is the key to becoming an expert skateboarder. Due to the crowded nature of footpaths and public parks, finding a spot to have your feet on your skateboard is sometimes impossible. In this whole scenario, a skatepark is a solution to all these problems.

Surprisingly, the history of skateboarding has a strong bond with California as it is where this sport originated. Los Angeles is home to some beyond-description skate parks that offer everything a professional skater wants to go. I am going to reveal the best skateparks in LA, so stay here. 

Top Skateparks In LA

The list of best skateparks in Los Angeles is as follows:

  • Santa Clarita Skatepark
  • Venice Beach Skatepark 
  • Rosemead Skatepark 
  • Sheldon Skatepark
  • Westchester Skatepark
  • Redlands Skatepark
  • El Sereno Skatepark
  • Stoner Skate Plaza
  • West Lake Skatepark
  • Manhattan Beach Skatepark

Santa Clarita Skatepark 

Santa Clarita Skatepark is one of the largest skate parks in the world, with over 40,000 square feet of the area created in 1998. It has two bowls and a street course. The bowl is set up with several banks and transitions, so a skater gets the most out of this skatepark. 

The street course contains an eight-foot ledge, street plaza, snake runs, half pipe tunnel, rails, and stairs sets. It has a small area for skating along the roadways, allowing you to cruise around over the skateboard.

The skatepark has a grassy area for beginners that you can use to learn tricks or practice jumps. The diversity in obstacles, changes in elevation, and flow of this skatepark are remarkable.

Useful Information

Opening Hours: 8 A.M – 8.30 P.M

Address: 20840 Centre Pointe Pkwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91350, United States

Contact: +1 661-250-3740

Public Review94%

Venice Beach Skatepark

Iconic Venice Beach Skatepark is a staple of South California in skateboarding history. It spreads over 16,000 square feet comprising stair sets, two bowls, rails, a street section with ledges, and a snake run. 

Local skaters and professionals developed this Los Angeles skatepark in 2009 with a hefty budget of $3.5 million. Even if you do not skateboard, you should still visit this park as it has something for everyone. 

The skatepark has a lot of amateur skaters, so you love watching them catch air. If you plan to check this LA skatepark, try to go earlier as it is usually crowded, and be ready to walk a lot.

Useful Information

Opening Hours: 8 A.M – 7 P.M

Address: 1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291, United States

Contact: +1 310-399-2775

Public Review92%

Rosemead Skatepark 

Spohn Ranch created Rosemead Skatepark in Los Angeles over an area of 12,000 square feet in 2016. It comprises a large flat bank, a couple of sets of handrails, bump to flat bar, manual pad, wallride banks, hubbas,  and snake run.

All these features are pretty good for fulfilling your skateboarding needs. It is a perfect blend of transition and street, making it an ideal skatepark for skateboarders of all levels.

If you are a pro skater, then there are a few obstacles as well, so they can practice according to their caliber. Apart from that, it has vast parking space, a bathroom, and all the amenities that a public park offers.

Useful Information

Opening Hours: 7 A.M – 7 P.M

Address: 9155 Mission Dr, Rosemead, CA 91770, United States


Public Review92%

Sheldon Skatepark

Sheldon skatepark was built by California Skateparks in 2014 over an area of 25,000 square feet. It is designed into two portions, allowing the skater to move from one end to another. 

With some pretty good street elements, it is equally good for all levels of skateboarders. It has ledges, rails, and a quarter pipe for beginners. It is a great place to take your kids.

The park has a nice-sized bowl with smaller vert ramps and street elements. There are a lot of parking spots right in front of the park, so it is easy to find a spot where you can park your vehicle.

Useful Information

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Address: 12511 Sheldon St, Sun Valley, CA 91352, United States

Contact: +1 818-756-8189

Public Review92%

Westchester Skatepark 

Westchester is a fully concrete skate park in Los Angeles with around 13,000 square feet of area. This skatepark has hubbas, kickers, banks, rails, and stair sets for beginners to pro skaters. 

I know space there is not ideal for a speedy ride, but it is sufficient for doing technical stuff like performing tricks and overcoming obstacles. Ledges there are of perfect height for all skill level skaters. 

There is a lot of parking in this skateboarding park, but sometimes it gets crowded on holidays. Free pass and toddlers playground makes it a premium destination for you to take your young ones with you in that skatepark.

Useful Information

Opening Hours: 10 A.M – 2 P.M

Address: 7200 W Manchester Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States

Contact: +1 310-670-7473

Public Review92%

Redlands Skatepark

Redlands Skatepark is another popular spot for skaters to exhibit their skills. The park comes up with all the necessary features, such as a large pool-style bowl, stairs, benches, ledges, and rails. 

If you have grasped basic skateboard skills, this Los Angeles skate park is a perfect place to master advanced techniques. There are a lot of flatter banks to cruise around and learn the art of balancing while riding over the skateboard.

Are you searching for a place where you can take your kids skating? If yes, then Redlands skatepark is the perfect option for you as it has a lot of ample shady space for other activities. The cherry on top is the excellent restrooms out there.

Useful Information

Opening Hours: 7 A.M – 9 P.M

Address: 017014207, Redlands, CA 92374, United States 

Public Review90%

El Sereno Skatepark 

El Sereno Skatepark spans over 12,000 square feet of the area created by California Skateparks in 2019. If you check in there, you will notice that almost everything there is newly built. 

The skatepark is located in the picturesque area of LA, surrounded by greenery. It has small and large hubbas, ledges, handrails, and stairs, so if you want to practice on them, this is your place.

Additionally, there are dedicated basketball and tennis courts, allowing the users to enjoy themselves in every possible way. Within the last couple of years, this skate park in LA has seen significant improvement, like the addition of new washrooms to increase the stay duration of visitors.

Useful Information

Opening Hours: 8 A.M – 10.30 P.M

Address: Klamath St, Los Angeles, CA 90032, United States

Contact: +1 323-225-3517

Public Review88%

Stoner Skate Plaza

Stoner Skate Plaza In Los Angeles is among the largest skateparks built by California Skateparks. They created this 26,500 square feet best skatepark in LA in 2010. 

Amazingly, this cool skatepark can easily accommodate 20,000 Los Angeles skaters at a time. It has a unique design, with the most prominent element being the letter S for Stoner. 

For an enthusiast skateboarder like you, it has everything from classy manual pads to granite ledges. The skatepark is special for local skaters as its features are taken from the features of various skate spots which do not exist now. 

Useful Information

Opening Hours: 10 A.M – 7 P.M

Address: 1835 Stoner Ave #1801, Los Angeles, CA 90025, United States

Contact: +1 310-479-7200

Public Review86%

Westlake Skatepark 

Westlake Skatepark covers over 6,500 square feet of space on a hill side over the area from which you can see Westlake village. Even though it is a small-sized skatepark, it has a great design and flow.

You will get what can be expected from a skateboard, like nice smooth pavement and spots for carrying out tricks. It has a fantastic avocado bowl, a street section with ledges, a flat bank, a frame gap, a stair set, and rails. 

The only downside is the parking at the top is ridiculous, so you should be ready to walk if you consider visiting this LA skate park. It has beautiful scenery, making it a wonderful spot for spending quality time.

Useful Information

Opening Hours: 10 A.M – 10.30 P.M

Address: 31107 Thousand Oaks Blvd, Westlake Village, CA 91362, United States

Contact: +1 818-706-1613

Public Review84%

Manhattan Beach Skatepark

Manhattan Beach Skatepark covers a 6,000 square feet area created in 2017. It looks small but does not let that prevent you from exploring this little gem on skateparks LA list. 

Half street and half transition sections allow you to enjoy the skating experience of both worlds. It features a quarter pipe, manual pads, flat banks, ledges,  a stair set, and rails for quality skateboarding.

The skatepark entry fee is $3.5 per hour per person, making it quite expensive, but it is because of its prime location near the bay area. The park is small, so keep in mind that it gets packed with visitors during weekends.

Useful Information

Opening Hours: 8 A.M – 5 P.M

Address: 1625 Marine Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, United States

Contact: +1 310-802-5448

Public Review82%

Final Words

A right and proper place to practice skating make your tricks smooth and stylish. Skate parks provide all such things, so take time out and check out these skateparks in LA. After reading about the best skate parks in Los Angeles, you should make your way to the best one near you and try it out.

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