Best 5 Skate Shoelaces
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Top Five Best Skate Shoelaces

Skate shoes are an essential part of the skateboarding experience, providing comfort, durability, and style. However, even the best skate shoes can’t perform to their fullest potential without a quality pair of laces. Skate shoelaces need to be strong, durable, and able to withstand the wear and tear of skating.

With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right pair. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top five skate shoelaces that are sure to keep your shoes securely on your feet while you shred.

5 best skate shoelaces

. ironlace unbreakable round bootlaces - indestructible, waterproof & fire resistant boot & skate shoelaces
Ironlace unbreakable round bootlaces

1. Ironlace unbreakable round bootlaces

  • Made in the USA



The IRONLACE Unbreakable Round Bootlaces is the ultimate solution for those who need strong, durable, and reliable shoelaces. It’s also waterproof, fire-resistant, and heat-resistant up to 630 degrees Fahrenheit, making them perfect for firefighters, welders, or anyone who needs equipment that can withstand extreme conditions.

These skate shoelaces are designed to last a lifetime and are 20x longer lasting than other laces. With a stretch-free, non-slip design, they lace up tight for a strong and secure fit that stays tied. It’s compatible with almost any brand and style of shoes or boots and comes in colors that match up to 99% of the most common black and brown boots on the market.

Trusted by hundreds of thousands of loyal customers, these laces are the perfect replacement for traditional shoelaces.

Skateboard Style Flat Shoelaces 1/2" Wide For All Shoes - 45" and 54" Length Shoe Strings
Skateboard Style Flat Shoelaces

2. Skateboard style flat skate shoelaces 1/2″ wide for all shoes – 45″ and 54″ length shoe strings

  • Imported
  • 1/2″ Wide
  • One Pair Per Order
  • Bright Color/Solid Quality
  • Flat Wide Style

These Skateboard Style Flat Shoelaces are the perfect addition to any pair of shoes. Imported and available in bright colors, these laces are 1/2″ wide and have a flat, wide style. They come in two lengths, 45-inch, and 54-inch, to fit a variety of shoe sizes.

These skate shoelaces are made with solid quality materials that are both durable and long-lasting. With their stylish design, these laces are perfect for adding a pop of color and flair to your footwear. They are available in different lengths and colors, making them suitable for a range of work boots, hiking boots, and other shoes.

Mizuno skate Shoe Lace
Mizuno Shoe Lace

3. Mizuno Shoe Lace

  • Imported
  • 5/16 Inch Wide
  • Bright color
  • Solid Quality
  • Flat Classic Style

The Mizuno Shoe Lace is a classic and reliable option for any type of shoe. These laces are imported and come in a 5/16 inch width, making them a versatile choice for a variety of shoe styles.

Each order includes one pair of laces and they are available in different colors to match your shoe. It’s made with solid quality materials, ensuring they are long-lasting and durable.

The flat classic style of the Mizuno Shoe Lace adds a sleek and timeless look to your footwear. Whether you need to replace old laces or simply want to switch up the color, these Mizuno Shoe Laces are a great option for any shoe.

AOMIDI 2 Pair Shoelaces Round Athletic Shoes Lace
AOMIDI 2 Pair Shoelaces

4. AOMIDI 2 Pair Shoelaces

  • Lace
  • High-Quality Round Athletic Laces
  • Swap out your current laces to give your shoes a whole new look.
  • Sturdy and strong laces that stay tied
  • 12 Vibrant Colors of 8 Different Lengths of Shoelaces
  • 2 Pair Superior Quality Round Athletic Shoelaces

The AOMIDI 2 Pair Shoelaces are a high-quality option for those looking to swap out their current laces and give their shoes a fresh new look. These round athletic laces are great for a variety of shoe types, including sneakers, boots, and shoes. The laces are sturdy and strong, ensuring they stay tied throughout the day.

With 12 vibrant colors and 8 different lengths to choose from, these shoelaces offer a wide range of options to match your style and shoe size. Each package includes 2 pairs of superior quality round athletic shoelaces, providing great value for the price. Upgrade your footwear with the AOMIDI 2 Pair Shoelaces.

Honey Badger Work Boot Laces Heavy Duty W/Kevlar - USA Made Round Shoelaces for Boots
Honey Badger Work Boot Laces

5. Honey Badger Work Boot Laces Heavy Duty W/Kevlar

  • Kevlar
  • Made in the USA

If you are making a list of best skate shoelaces then never forget to include Honey Badger. The Honey Badger Work Boot Laces are designed for heavy-duty use and are made in the USA with Kevlar. These round shoelaces are named after the tough honey badger and are capable of withstanding harsh conditions. With flame-retardant and chemical-resistant properties, they can withstand up to 350 pounds of pressure.

While the proprietary blend of string fibers forms rigid, stacked bonds that make the shoes practically bulletproof. To ensure the best fit, the old round shoelaces for boots should be measured.

Besides these thick round shoelaces are designed for tough boots and will not only hold up under harsh conditions but will also stay tied. Whether you’re a skateboarder or just looking for a trendy and unique style, these skate shoelaces are a great choice for all shoes.


Finally, reviewing all 5 best shoelaces, I highly recommend the IRONLACE Unbreakable Round Bootlaces. These laces are truly indestructible, waterproof, and fire-resistant, making them an ideal choice for anyone who wants a reliable and durable shoelace that can withstand harsh conditions.

While they may be a bit more expensive than some of the other options, the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won’t have to constantly replace your laces is well worth the investment.

That being said, if budget is a major concern, the AOMIDI 2 Pair Shoelaces offer great value for their affordable price. They come in 12 vibrant colors and 8 different lengths, making them a versatile choice for a variety of shoe types. However, while they are sturdy and strong, they may not be as durable as the IRONLACE bootlaces in extreme conditions.

Overall, I believe the IRONLACE Unbreakable Round Bootlaces is the best choice for those who want top-of-the-line durability and longevity in their shoelaces, while the AOMIDI 2 Pair Shoelaces offer a more budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality.

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