iPhone 15 Pro Max Launch, Design, and Expected Upgrades

The highly anticipated release of the iPhone 15 series is almost here, and there’s a lot of excitement, especially for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. As the launch gets closer, many leaks and rumors have come out from different places, grabbing the interest of both fans and regular users.

    These leaks strongly hint at significant enhancements across various aspects of this year’s iPhone 15 lineup. Let’s delve into the details we have so far about the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

    A Familiar September Launch Date

    Apple traditionally introduces its new iPhones in September, and this year follows suit. Reliable reports point to a potential unveiling on either September 12 or 13. Mobile carriers have been instructed to keep September 13 open, suggesting a major smartphone announcement. Given Apple’s history of September iPhone launches, it’s highly likely that the iPhone 15 series will debut on this date.

    New Colors for iPhone 15 Pro Max

    Although speculation abounds about a red option for the iPhone 15 Pro series, no concrete images have surfaced. However, a credible source of Apple leaks on Twitter hints at a potential bluish or grayish hue for the iPhone 15 Pro, reminiscent of the Pacific blue shade of the iPhone 12 Pro.

    There’s talk of Apple employing Titanium instead of stainless steel for the Pro models, potentially resulting in a sleek brushed metal appearance.

    Revamped Action Button and Third-Party Integration

    Numerous leaks about the iPhone 15 Pro series suggest the replacement of the alert switch with a new action button.

    iOS 17 Beta 4’s code references a staggering nine functions for this button, spanning Accessibility, Shortcuts, Silent Mode, Camera, Flashlight, Focus, Magnifier, Translate, and Voice Memos.

    Initial reports hinted at two or three action button options, but now indications point to nine. The prospect of third-party integration adds an intriguing dimension to this development.

    Camera Upgrades in iPhone 15

    Notable camera enhancements are in store for all iPhone 15 models. The standard iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are anticipated to sport a fresh 48MP primary rear camera, distinct from the iPhone 14 Pro series. While differing from the current iPhone 14 and 14 Plus’s 12MP camera, it represents a newer and larger sensor.

    For the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the zoom lens is undergoing an upgrade. While the iPhone 15 Pro may maintain a 3x optical zoom, rumors suggest the Pro Max could boast an impressive 5-6x optical zoom thanks to a novel periscope lens. Furthermore, the iPhone 15 Pro Max might embrace a cutting-edge 48MP primary rear camera, possibly leveraging Sony’s IMX903 sensor.

    Storage Potential

    A Korean blogger named yeux1122 has suggested that the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max variants might offer a substantial 2 terabytes (2TB) of storage. This stands out considering past rumors of a 2TB iPhone, which hadn’t materialized previously. Presently, iPhone storage options encompass 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB for all models, with 1TB available for the Pro versions.

    The potential inclusion of a capacious 2TB storage option holds considerable utility. While much content is stored online, such as in iCloud, the significance of ample on-device storage is growing.

    Empowered Battery Life

    The forthcoming iPhone 15 series is poised to feature notably larger batteries. The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus could incorporate batteries of around 3,877mAh and 4,912mAh, while the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max might house batteries of approximately 3,650mAh and 4,852mAh.

    Coupled with the new 3nm A17 Bionic chip for the Pro models and the A16 Bionic chip for the standard iPhone 15 models. These advancements are expected to result in substantially extended battery life compared to the iPhone 14 models.


    The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are likely to maintain similar prices to their predecessors, commencing at $799 and $899 in the USA. Conversely, the iPhone 15 Pro’s starting price might rise to $1099, a $100 increment. While the iPhone 15 Pro Max could potentially begin at $1299, a $200 hike.

    Possible Stock Shortages of iPhone 15 at Launch

    While the grand reveal is slated for September 13, it wouldn’t be surprising if sufficient iPhones aren’t available in stores until late October. Especially for the iPhone 15 Pro series. This delay can be attributed to the display panels, which are being manufactured by LG and Samsung. LG’s screens encountered challenges in passing critical tests, necessitating design modifications.

    Meanwhile, Samsung’s screens, though successful in tests, are facing shortages. Consequently, there could be a scarcity of iPhone 15 Pro models upon initial launch if this rumor holds true.

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    Considering all the insights shared, we’re eager to learn which aspect of the iPhone 15 series has piqued your interest the most. Additionally, are there any other features you’re hoping to see in the upcoming Apple phones? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!